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Thanksgiving of the sea

November 24, 2011

Unfortunately I almost never see my father on Thanksgiving. He always works Thanksgiving so he can get Christmas day off. Fortunately, I decided to skip all my classes this week and spend some quality time with the family.

I have missed my home, particularly my wonderful dad.

My dad around the holidays is my favorite part about the holidays. Now, Christmas is my all-time favorite, but Thanksgiving is a close second.

He is already pretty jazzed about Christmas. The other night we went to see his mother and he told her he was expecting a big gift. She responded by saying “Suga, I’m sorry I don’t have a dime to my name.” His face turned to shock as he exclaimed,”but I thought we were going all out this year?” He quickly came up with the solution of getting her the dates for the blood bank so she could sell her blood to buy him a present. I’ve said it before, he does not want his Christmas ruined.

Tonight I called him up at work on the eve of Thanksgiving to ask him a question for an assignment. Then he went into the usual “your mother is trying to kill me, she keeps making me ‘special’ cookies” conspiracy theory.

Next came the pity party. He told me to bring him a to-go box back from the Thanksgiving feast. He said he would probably just get “turkey tuna” to eat. Except he doesn’t have a can opener so he said he would just curl up next to it and cry.

“So when they are passing around the Who-Hash and mashed potatoes piled high as the eye can see just remember some people are still trying to get into their can of turkey tuna.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Life Lesson: Be thankful for what you have, because there is always someone out there trying to get into their can of turkey tuna.

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