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For True

March 12, 2012

My dad may be a southern, white, male Republican but don’t let that fool you. He is full of a diversity of culture.
For my spring break I went on a mission trip to New Orleans.

If there is one thing my dad has taught me it is “immerse yourself in the culture,” Kind of like the whole “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” concept.

So when I was talking to my dad he asked if I could speak Cajun yet. 

I told him I hadn’t mastered it yet. Luckily my parents lived in New Orleans for a little while when they were first married so he dropped some knowledge.

“When people are asking if another person is being serious, in New Orleans they say ‘For true?'” (emphasize a higher octave on the word true)

My mother swore to me that she never heard anyone say that when they lived there, but my dad was of course screaming in the background “That’s because your mother was a social recluse! I immersed myself in the culture and became one of the people.”

I believe him.

Then he wanted to know if I had a beignet.



Trying to make him proud. 

Because you see my dad doesn’t miss a thing.


He has even immersed himself in the new-age, hip culture.


Life Lesson: Immerse yourself.

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