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The Golden Years

February 8, 2013

Sorry it has been entirely too long since I last shared the knowledge and wisdom from my dad.

My life has been kind of crazy with finishing college and starting a new job. But now starts the Golden Years. No, not for me, but for Wes Floyd.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr., Wes had a dream as well. A day when his kids would be financially independent. That day has come…ish.

He’s been talking about this dream since I was a kid and my letters from Santa said,

   “Dear Ryan and Kaitlynn,

    Make good grades in school so you can get a really nice job and put your parents in the really nice retirement homes.



I kid you not. How I believed for as long as I did, I will never know.

He was so excited about this financial freedom on the horizon, we took a family trip to California this past summer. Every time we stopped to take a picture, eat a meal or just when we woke up in the morning–he made sure to remind us to soak it all in because this would be the last family vacation ever. At least the last one on his dime. 

Even at my graduation, he told me he might take me out to lunch afterwards to celebrate, and then he’s cutting me off. 

He loves me, I swear. He is just the cheapest man to walk the planet.

Tonight my mom sent me this picture.Image

My dad has now decided to stop paying for drinks in restaurants. So now he orders water and adds his own flavor. This is is his “and that’s how it’s done face.”

And the man has a point. He’s at the ripe age of 53 and is living life to the fullest. Kids off of his dime…eating Firehouse every Sunday, where they know his order by heart…and the sweet satisfaction of going home to the only resident of our home left, the cat. The man has it made.

So this begins, the Golden Years.

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  1. David Johnson permalink
    February 8, 2013 3:51 am

    I hear Wes was going to look into doing the Dave Ramsey series….then he found out he had to pay for it…..oh well….

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