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I have a Relay great Dad

June 12, 2013

I love my job. I get to work in four different communities raising money towards cancer research. I help plan Relay For Life events.

My Dad has never done a Relay before…until now that is.

My Dad usually gets on board with things if I beg, but that comes at a price. He asked me how much it costs to form a team. I told him $100. Then he asked me how much it costs to get out of it.

He came around though. Once he got out to Relay he really shined.

Team Floyd Fam came out with great spirit.


Both of my parents,my roommates and my second family (the McCurdys) came all the way out to Lafayette County to support me.

Mr. Mccurdy and my Dad even came out to help set up. They were yelling at each other the whole time, but they set up all the lights around the track. Granted they busted a fuse, none of the lights matched and I believe they used bush lights too. But what a team.



The lights they managed. Decorating the booth….that had to wait for the mothers to arrive. Because while the booth next to us looked like this…



Ours looked kind of like this…


Team Floyd Fam did great though. They had a ton of raffles that people could buy tickets for and thankfully my Dad is quite the salesman. I think an 11-year-old came up to him and my Dad was trying to convince him to spend all of his money on the raffle. When he started to walk away my dad kind of yelled at him across the field to come back with his money. It’s all for the cause.

He also made DJ Fresh (not his actual name) announce that a renown artist from the University of Florida was coming.

AKA Autumn was coming later to do face painting.

He talked to this little girl for about 20 minutes asking her if she knew Autumn because she was a famous artist. She was asking if she could get her face painted for $3….he told her she might be able to get a 3-legged horse.

But, hey, the marketing paid off.


My Dad was dedicated to the cause. When we went to breakfast that morning he told the waitress he was off to beat cancer.

My Dad was so dedicated he swore he would not stop eating until he beat cancer.


So in the end I would have to say

Team Floyd Fam: 1





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  1. Denny permalink
    June 12, 2013 2:22 am

    hahahah Way to go Team Floyd!!!!!!! I heard you all won a award for this event did you?!!!

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