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33 years of Wes

September 30, 2013

I feel like there is a huge question that looms when people meet my wonderful father.

What in the world was Theresa thinking?

Because I would never have the joy that is my father without my mother being crazy enough to marry him.

She swears he used to be normal. They started dating in high school and were married by 20. Sounds pretty romantic, right? High school sweethearts are adorable. Except depending on which one you ask- you get two very different responses.

My mother says he lurked outside of her dance practices until he finally asked her out, but my dad swears she was the band girl creeping outside of his football practices.

I honestly don’t know who to believe. My mother has a terrible memory and my father, to say the least, has a habit of embellishing the truth. Regardless, they started dating.


They dated through high school. During this time my dad tells stories of “peddling his bike over the bridge to work all the time to take my mom out as much as she demanded.”

This is usually the part where my mom rolls her eyes, during his version of the story.

Then one day my dad popped the question and they decided to get married.


This is where the happily ever after part is supposed to happen, but Wes likes to keep it real. Getting married at 20 posed some problems financially so they certainly weren’t living the fab life.

“You know how everyone says, ‘when you look back on your marriage to those years at the beginning when you were broke, you realize those were the best times?’ Yeah, that’s a lie. It sucked. Living in a trailer, buying rat traps, waking up to defrost the window AC with a hair dryer, bringing your car battery inside because someone might steal it, buying bigger rat traps…..not the best times.”

And yet for some reason they haven’t made it into a Nicholas Sparks book yet.

But their luck has turned around some financially in the past 33 years. Granted they are not millionaires, despite the numbers of Dave Ramsey books my dad has read.

I kind of messed up their anniversary this year by having them help me move on their anniversary. Help is really a stretch. I was at work all day, so they basically did everything. But to make up for it, I surprised them with dinner reservations at a really fancy restaurant in Gainesville. My brother and I set it up in advance to have their tab on one of our cards for the night as a gift from us.

Needless to say my dad was thrilled.

33 years of marriage, 25 of those years being a father and he finally gets a free meal out of it.


He ate like a king.

My mom said he was ecstatic when he found out we had the tab, saying “well then I want to pay for that guys meal, and that family over there…”

This was obviously a high risk gift, allowing the ultimate free-loader to have this, but they had a good time.

33 years of marriage and he has the same advice: Always get a complete psychological evaluation before you ever get married.

They aren’t your traditional-sweet-adorable couple, but somehow they are pretty perfect together.


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