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In Very Specific Kinds of Weather

November 11, 2013

I want to say my Dad is a Gator fan.


But that’s not exactly true.

My Dad is really just a fan of winning.

He has zero shame in being a bandwagon fan. Last year after Florida lost our bowl game, he told me Florida embarrassed him for the last time.

So he jumped ship.


He didn’t have high hopes for Florida this year, but remained slightly positive.

However, after the first couple games UF wasn’t looking so hot, but someone else was…


Clemson was looking really great. And he’s been to one Clemson game, so it’s not a complete bandwagon situation I guess.


But then things didn’t pan out for Clemson either. After that FSU loss, he couldn’t have Clemson attached to his rep. So they got dropped too.

This weekend my parents came in town for Florida’s Homecoming game against Vandy.

My Dad’s theory so far is that the Gators have looked the best on bye weeks.

Appreciate that.

Anyways, he gave the Gators one last shot. After all, it’s Vandy, right?


I’m not exactly sure what he is doing in this picture. I think he thought that’s what the “baby gator” hand signal meant.

But yet again, the Gators failed him.

I didn’t sit right next to him, but every now and then I just heard him cry out “for God’s sakes, it’s only Vandy!”

They recognized the UF Volleyball team during a commercial break and my Dad was hoping they were filling in for our offensive line.

He actually started a chant that caught on in our section “Mus-Champ! Must-Go!”

I don’t blame him. We were terrible. Just terrible. And I’m actually a consistent fan.

He did feel a little bad for Florida though. He thought this would put a damper on the dance…the homecoming dance he thought was happening after the game.

Needless to say you can only guess the bandwagon he just hitched himself to……

He yelled “Fear the Spear” right before he left Gainesville today.

So enjoy him while you can FSU fans, he won’t be there for long.

The go-to Facebook status for any Gator fan after a loss is the classic, “In all kinds of weather….still love my Gators!”

Not with Wes.

That ship sailed.

He lives in the sunshine state for a reason. He is not hanging out in the storm. He’s headed to higher land.

Pearl Of Wisdom: There is no shame in being a bandwagon fan, because there’s a lot more shame in losing to Vanderbilt.



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